Usual lippies are not smudge proof and i dislike messing up my masks. I was pleasantly surprised by mayhem's lippies how smooth and matte they felt and moreover they don't transfer! Wow! I'm sold! I love their vibrant colors and each time i look forward to pairing them with my outfits. Thank you mayhem for making these high quality pigmented lippies! Love them all!

Vignesh, Singapore

VavaVoom's brilliant, bold and uncensored true red makes a woman feel and look confident instantly.
The matte, pigmented formula goes on smoothly, with a velvety consistency and dries off to a saturated finish. It feels weightless on my lips but packs a serious punch of colour and it stay put for hours!
Colour transfers to mugs and masks are now a thing of the past. Mayhem cosmetics ' Liplusts are definitely show-stopping lippies

Nazimah Ram, Singapore

My favorite!Sexy,classy and gutsy!
A statement of courage and power...makes me feel on top of the world! VavaVoom with it's velvety,rich,exhilarating texture makes me race through the day exploding with cheeky confidence! #Bebold

Shamini.SG, Singapore

Wearing Nudist. Delicious smelling liquid lippy that dries to a perfect soft matte. Long lasting and does not budge! An amazing product in gorgeous packaging. What more can you ask for!?#BeReal

Hi love!!
Mayhem lipsticks jus WOW!! it has a nice very pigmented and hydrating texture and doesn't feel like my lips are being suffocated, and since it's matte and designed to enhance feel velvety. It's basically the "best lipsticks shades for nearly everyone". Especially for us who working as frontline. Thank you Jea and Mayhem Team!

Shamla, New Zealand

Lipsticks are my personal fav when it comes to makeup, i personally feel it adds the flavour to your face, whether its red, blue, green, pink, coral etc. Mayhem cosmetics brings a shine to it. Mayhem cosmetics has showcased the vibrancy of colours, love the texture, compact, easy to bring along, and it lasts for a long time, it also doesn't smudge onto my masks, and i love that. I bought quite a few, as i love the range of colours that mayhem cosmetics have! I feel its a good place to shop for various skin colours and most of my friends love it too!

Nurul, Singapore