Badass |Mayhem Matte Liplust
Badass |Mayhem Matte Liplust
Badass |Mayhem Matte Liplust
Badass |Mayhem Matte Liplust

Badass |Mayhem Matte Liplust

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A bright fuchsia coral pink. A winner that is vibrant and bold!

  • Matte yet intense
  • Lasts for over 10 hours
  • Lightweight formula
  • Soft and precise applicator
  • Velvety finish - delivers long lasting and intense pigment
  • Smudgeproof, maskfriendly, easy application.

Instructions : Easy application, 2 coats on the lips and 20 secs wait before wearing your mask.

Shipping time: 7 working days from date of purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Prema Narayanan
Love It

Love the colour and shade❤️.well suits me.Certainly mask prof and smudge-proof. In addition feeling so comfortable and confident wearing it.Further very convenient in purchasing the products and off course prompt delivery to Malaysia.Thank you Mayhem.

You wouldn't know until you try!

So much love for the colour and the pigment❤ Certainly mask-proof and smudge-proof. To add on, such convenience in purchasing the products and prompt delivery as well!

Mallanya (Mel) Mariappan
Intimidating Indeed!

To begin with, I love this pink on my lips as it is the exact colour I had in mind! In fact I wanted this lip colour to match my baby pink birthday outfit and voila, it just did that and I had so many compliments on this lippy!

In addition to it, the splash of pink in the lip colour exudes a rich glow that gives out a natural pink blush!

Furthermore, the matte is surprisingly not drying on my lips in comparison to others I've had used. It is definitely smudge proof, thank god for that in these current times!

In conclusion, I love the smell and texture and the ease I feel spreading the lippy on my lips. Thank you Mayhem ~

Loving this! 😍

Got my hands on most of the colours and I don’t know which is my favourite! Feeling so confident wearing it. Love that it doesn’t stain my mask and keeps my lips moisture.

Sharon Peters

It is the exact shade l was hoping for. Love it. But was a tad dry on the lips. Guess l should stick to something glossy. Do let me know if you have them ☺️